Transforming the world through technological application

Commitment to digital transformation of companies

Human creativity as the center of disruptive innovation

Disruptive innovation generating value

The best way for digital and technological journey for your company.

About DHB 4.0

DHB4.0 is new concept to manage your business into uncertain world.

Integrating informations and delivering solutions, DHB4.0 will increment your results with the state of the art in digital solutions for industries 4.0.

Market data and digital transformation


growth in global spending on digital transformation technologies and services in 2021 ($ 1.3K Million).





Company leaders said digital is adding more than $ 50 million in value to their businesses. Huge growth potential.    


  IDC expects worldwide spending on technologies and services to enable digital transformation to reach $ 1.97K Million in 2022, with a CAGR of 16.7%.


  leaders say they are mature or semi-mature in deploying digital technology.      



Robustness and integration with the most advanced technological tools, for data and processes.

People as architects of the digital transformation process.

With DHB 4.0, your company will be assisted in the Digital Transformation journey that involves a deep changes in technology, people and processes. 



We are restless and disruptive, we challenge the traditional mindset through technological

integration and Human creativity. We support our customers to simplify the complexity

requirement of integrated systems.



We are resilient in supporting companies in yours Digital Transformation journey.

Additional Information


Using the data compiled throughout the project, teams can train, maintain and transfer knowledge from the comfort of their own homes or offices with multi-users profiles.

Maximum business impact

Big Data platforms enable you to collect, store and manage more data than ever before. Previously unseen patterns emerge when we combine and cross-examine very large data sets. These patterns contain critical business insights that allow for the optimization of business processes that cross department lines.

Analytics for all of your data

DHB4.0 empowers people throughout the organization to answer questions of their data, large or small, in real-time. The more questions they ask, the more value they extract from the data, leading to smarter business decision every day. DHB4.0 allows you to have one interface for all of your data, regardless of where that data is stored.


Best-in-class cloud management and business solutions expertise provide maximum security for our customers. Peace of mind combined with enhanced operational performance are always the end goals.

End to End

Economic cloud benefits and flexible paths to the cloud translate to new revenue streams. Small and medium businesses can afford to grow comfortably, while large enterprises can build and extend cloud investments.

Flexible & Scalable

Continuous collaboration between the REPC and owner, teams reduces handover flashpoints while project standardization cuts time and cost, ultimately reducing the time to safe start-up.


Operational benefits of the cloud include reducing time-to-market and connecting globally distributed, cross-disciplinary teams - all while improving efficiency and productivity at any scale or speed.

Predictable with Technology

Innovative, closed-loop digital hub with Machine Learning & AI technology makes products and processes better. Digitalization in cloud computing helps drive business with speed and agility while maintaining quality standards.

Our Approach


Focus on modeling competences, rather than on IT and Big Data complexities to:

  • Cloud-run to share licenses and CPUs.
  • Front-end and back-end with high level customization in our cloud solution.
  • Monitoring and reply execution capabilities.
  • Predefined support for CPLEX, OPEX and OPL.
  • Local-run with a minimal memory footprint.
  • Modeling & Simulation Capabilities.
  • Optimization Capabilities.
  • S&OP, MES, CRM and ERP capabilities.
  • PLM capabilities. Data Science, Machine Learning & AI solutions.
  • RAM and Asset Management approaches.

Rely on modern technologies to quickly deliver robust and modern solutions: 

  • Modular architecture, fully customizable and highly scalable. 
  • Modern and robust solutions aligned with your business digitalization strategic. 
  • Deployment on standard environments (OKD, Kubernetes). 
  • Failover capabilities.  
  • High level security digital hub solution.  
  • Monitoring and reply execution capabilities.  
  • Planned and customizable to achieve your digitalization goals.