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Digital Maturity Level (DML) helps businesses identify areas of relative strength and opportunities for development on their digital transformation journey. It helps create a vision and roadmap for finding untapped potential and unlocking digital transformation opportunities.

“This will allow our clients to develop a data-driven vision,” said Michael Machado, senior partner at FlexSim Brasil. He added that it will help these businesses with resource allocation. Our team have a strong understanding of the key attributes that define digitally enabled companies. We can develop a framework that assesses the current state of digital maturity across three categories and some sub-categories:

  • Value creation & exchange
  • Digital strategy & innovation
  • Customer-centricity
  • Governance

Operating model

  • Agile ways of working
  • Cross-functional alignment
  • Organizational structure

Data & technology

  • Data availability & use
  • Analytics & measurement
  • Tech infrastructure & enablers

With a consistent and evidence-based methodology, we can use a five-point scale to assess where clients are on their journeys to digital maturity across the organizing framework’s nine dimensions:

  • Digital novice
  • Digital learner
  • Digital striver
  • Digital leader
  • Best-in-class

At this point, FlexSim Brazil helps businesses develop a vision for digital excellence and prioritizes transformation project investments to increase a company’s digital maturity. Our company sets measurable goals and benchmarks. Through this process, organizations with limited personalization, agility and digital resources will become customer-focused, dynamic and innovative.

It’s especially important for companies to develop a creative (not hardwired) digital strategy because the world is changing rapidly. The digital strategy and approach should be disruptive and iterative, in a constant state of evolution.

In addition to digital maturity, our team can be used to optimize multiple functions across an organization:


  • Marketing
  • Product design
  • After sales


  • Supply chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution

Back Office

  • Finance
  • Information technology
  • Human Resources

The FlexSim Brasil works as a first-step toward digital maturity or a check-up for businesses with a transformation program underway. This comprehensive process will give you a clear picture of where you stand and what you need to do. From there, FlexSim provides a wide array of digital solutions and accelerators to close the gap between your current state and your future, digitally enabled state.

The process of digital transformation is not straightforward, nor its common practice, although it should be obligatory for all businesses that don’t want to lose their competitive edge in the market. There is not magic recipe to guarantee successful digital transformation, not even between businesses in the same sector.

A company on its way towards digitalization passes through different levels that allow it to achieve a degree of digital maturity. The difference between each of these levels is not linear, but exponential. A digital company is in the order of 1000 times more efficient than a traditional company. For this reason, digital native startups, despite having fewer resources available, can compete with traditional businesses that are already well positioned in the market.

Based on years of experience helping large companies in their journey towards digital transformation, we have established four levels of maturity: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert.