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Our digital hub technologies help grid operators create a Network Digital Twin, which provides a connected view of the end-to-end network of assets, based on real operational data.  It includes as-is, to-be, and real-time views of the network and enables all departments to contribute and consume data that help deliver better outcomes.

Network Digital Twin can help operators create virtual models to better operate, analyze and optimize how the grid responds to the impact of increasingly extreme weather, aging infrastructure, and the growing use of renewables on the grid.

Network Digital Twins can produce cost reductions of up to 30%, planning time reductions of up to 20%, and reduction in new build and internal process costs up to 7%. Utilities can also achieve field inspection and back-office productivity improvements by as much as 8% as well as improved network asset analysis and data accuracy. If you need something that goes further than traditional OMS, DHB4.0 might be your right solution. 

Our solutions enable users to predict the availability and reliability of communication networks. The network block diagram model solutions utilize an extended Reliability Block Diagram (RBD) methodology that addresses the specific characteristics of network elements and their connections.

Model system vulnerability, identify weak spots, and improve security using threat analysis and attack trees. Construct graphical representations of measures designed to reduce the consequences of a successful attack with mitigation trees.

  • Analyze threats according to standards such as ISO 26262 and J3061
  • Identify where your system is vulnerable to an attack
  • Improve the security of your assets and IT systems
  • Model consequence mitigation
  • Build models quickly using the advanced GUI features.