DHB 4.0 is a platform as a service (SaaS) offering that enables the creation of knowledge graphs based on digital models of entire environments. DHB4.0 is a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of software, services and an application development digital platform. It´s designed to help companies of all sizes become digital enterprises with solutions that can be personalized and adapted to fit customer and industry-specific needs. It´s not just a PLM, Simulation & Optimization, Machine Learning & AI solution. It´s far away more than that. These environments could be any manufacturing, factories, railways, warehouse, hospitals or other healthcare environments, airports, stadiums and more. These digital models can be used to gain insights that drive better products, optimized operations, reduce costs and breakthrough customer experiences. 

Is a suite utilizing digitalization, that gathers all of an industrial plant´s operations related to digitalization, combining the applications of the entire value chain into a single-source-of-truth and combines data from different sources and levels into one place that can be then used via different applications, empowered by the FlexSim Live´s potential, and seen in a virtualized environment with dashboards or AR.  

Industrial operators are moving more towards digital solutions. Understanding the big picture and taking all opportunities into account requires deep technical knowledge of digital solutions but also understanding of industrial process. The variety of solutions in the markets is wide and finding the optimal package for your use may feel difficult. We can set the ecosystem that has proven to lead to an increase in profitability, using the latest technological solutions, such as Big Data, A.I., Machine Learning, Modeling & Simulation, Optimization, PLM, Planning & Scheduling, MES, and so on. 

Our new product reflects the depth of our solutions offerings across a broad spectrum of industry and service domains. 

Leverage your domain expertise on top of DHB 4.0 to build customized, connected solutions that:

  • Model any environment and bring Digital Twins to life in a scalable and secure manner.
  • Connect assets such as IoT devices and existing business systems.
  • Use robust even system to build dynamic business logic and data processing.
  • Integrate with any data, analytics, and AI services to help you track the past and then predict the future using the right forecast solutions accordingly your needs.
  • Simulate your product design using our new PLM solution.

In DHB4.0, you define the digital entities that represent the people, products, and things in your physical environment using custom twin types called models.

You can think of these model definitions as a specialized vocabulary to describe your business. For a building management solution, for example, you might define models such as "building", "floor", and "elevator". You can then create digital twins based on these models to represent your specific environment. 

Models are defined in a JSON-like language called Digital Twins Definition Language (DTDL), and they describe twins in terms of their state properties, telemetry events, commands, components, and relationships.

  • Models define semantic relationships between your entities so that you can connect your twins into a knowledge graph that reflects their interactions. You can think of the models as nouns in a description of your world, and the relationships as verbs.
  • You can also specialize twins using model inheritance. One model can inherit from another.

DTDL is used for data models throughout other DHB4.0 IoT services, including IoT Plug and Play (PnP) and Time Series Insights (TSI). This helps you keep your DHB4.0 Digital Twins solution connected and compatible with other parts of the ecosystem.

The DHB4.0 unifies all the products and services that fall under the umbrella of FlexSim and its new products and services. From the very smallest building blocks of any IoT project, through the implementation of any of the eight benefits of Industry/Healthcare/Logistic 4.0, to the requirement of a custom or standard high-performance gateway or HMI, the DHB4.0 is able to offer the products that you need.

At the component or machine level the X Platform specializes in smart edge human data interfaces that are both impressive in their functionality as they are unique in their an esthetic appeal.

At the factory, facility or hospital level the DHB4.0 offers smart edge computing power that allows the visualization of data simultaneously acquired via multiple protocols from all the major vendors.

The DHB4.0 completes the offers with a robust industrial, logistic and healthcare cloud where by the secure visualization of data many of the Industry/Logistic/Healthcare 4.0 opportunities can be realized for your unique company.

DHB4.0: User Friendly and Flexible Solution to Support a Full Digital Project.